We are specialized in the constructive design and realization of stacked construction in solid wood.

With CLT or glulam as a proven basis.

Hamlet completely unburdens;  from feasibility and structural design to realization.



Our services

  • Feasibility & Advice

    There is an idea, a project, with an ambition. So the question arises: Is the project technically and economically feasible in wood? A good time to bring in Hamlet.

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  • Structural & Technical design

    If you want to build cost-effectively with wood, there is one important rule: design the structural shell first. Designing from the inside out; taking into account the possibilities and limitations of the material.

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  • Production & Logistics

    Hamlet works with various CLT and Glulam producers. This guarantees healthy pricing. We are familiar with everyone's production facilities and their capabilities and limitations. We already take this into account during the design process.

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  • Realization

    Knowledge, experience and an eye for detail are important for the smooth assembly of a wooden building. The details are sometimes about precision down to the millimeter and that requires a construction team which understands this.

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