Production & Logistics

Hamlet works with various CLT and Glulam producers. This guarantees healthy pricing. We are familiar with everyone's production facilities and their capabilities and limitations. We already take this into account during the design process.
For each part of the project, an assessment is made to determine which producer is the best fit, guaranteeing a high degree of production efficiency and resulting in low production costs. Price and quality go hand in hand.
The client benefits from this at all times, resulting in more certainty with regard to the feasibility of the project.
Supply chain management; a crucial factor in prefab construction methods
Building with wood is lightning fast. That's one of the many advantages. Deliveries must therefore arrive at the construction site exactly on time, to not delay the construction process. It's precisely because of this importance that Hamlet organizes and coordinates the transport of the CLT, the loading schedule and everything necessary to assemble the wooden structural shell quickly and efficiently. This keeps costs low and the chance of disruptions small. We are responsible for the entire process and are therefore on top of it.