Feasibility & Advice

There is an idea, a project, with an ambition. So the question arises: Is the project technically and economically feasible in wood? A good time to bring in Hamlet. Because with our expertise we can help you make the right decisions. At an early stage, when everything is still possible.
Based on the project analysis, we advise which timber construction method best suits the desired programme, planning, ambitions and construction budget.
Once the construction method has been determined, we design the structure of the wooden shell.
Building in wood doesn't have to be more expensive than concrete construction, but it does require different preparation. So when is the best time to join us?
  • Preferably before the S.D., when the business case is made
  • Or at the start of the S.D., so that other advisors can immediately get to work with the right starting points. This saves time and costs.
What can you as a client expect from us in this phase?
  • Certainty about the feasibility of the project in wood
  • Clear design principles with regard to the wooden structural shell for the architect and other consultants
  • A cost indication for the realization
  • Initial realization planning
  • The CO2 reduction calculation for the project