Structural timber erector

Surrounded by nature all day long

Join our timber construction team!

Hamlet designs and builds wooden buildings.  


Row houses, but especially high-rise buildings up to 50 metres.


Pure wood. From sustainably managed forests.


That's the material you work with all day.


It feels good, smells great!



We mainly build with cross-laminated timber. That demands great precision.


You first receive practical training by, our experienced team leader.


Tips, tricks and everything about working safely, of course.



You work in a small, fun team. The atmosphere is important. Because wood construction is teamwork.

You spend all day outside.

Surrounded by a product of nature.

And physically active.

That's why we also provide fruits and healthy snacks to keep your battery charged.


Our coffee is great!
Timber construction is a great profession for sporty people who want to build beautiful things from wood together. In this way, you contribute to a healthier world every day.  Because timber construction is clean and saves a lot of CO2 emissions.
You might also like to know
- You don't have to lift heavy, but the pace is high. And when things run smoothly, it feels super (we call that 'the flow').
- A mixed team of cool men and sporty women seems like fun.
- Timber construction is physical. We sometimes compare our team to athletes. You have to be fit and healthy.
- Weather and wind are no problem for you. And we provide you with the right outfits for all conditions.
- Our timber construction method is all about precision. That must be a bit your nature.
- Think first, then do.
- You do not need to have building experience, but you must be handy and enjoy putting (large) things together.
- You are positive by nature, you like to work hard and you are a real team player.
- Employed job. Full time
- Good salary