Why keep reinventing the wheel? Because sometimes you can get along just fine with an existing solution. Easily adaptable to the local situation and to the specific wishes of the developer and the target group. That saves a lot of time and costs. This is the new building.



Our products

  • Hamlet HOME

    Hamlet HOME is the smart, sustainable housing concept based on a structural shell made of CLT. With a lightning-fast assembly of prefab components on location by a permanent construction team. A block of 10 homes turnkey in 30 days! From foundation to housewarming party.
    We design together with the client. From master plan to house floor plan. This is also done very quickly thanks to our own algorithms and configurator.
    The range now consists of 3 typologies, with a GFA of 46 m2, 69 m2 or 87 m2. Perfect for starters and families. With plenty of options to vary in style, design, layout and finish. So it's standardized, but not one-size-fits-all. This is the new building.

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