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Can a design in concrete be converted to wood construction?

We are regularly asked whether a design with a concrete shell can be converted to a wooden strcutural design like in CLT.
Project developers and housing corporations themselves like to make the move to timber construction. Increasingly municipalities, provinces and also investors are demanding that construction be sustainable and as clean as possible.
With a wooden shell, such as that made by CLT, one immediately takes a big step forward.  
Due to the substantial CO2 storage, the lighter foundations required for a wooden building, fewer transport movements for materials and a smaller construction team, a wooden structure reduces CO2 and nitrogen emissions significantly. Not to mention that construction time can be reduced by 20-40%. That, too, saves emissions and costs.
It is therefore not surprising that developers want to know whether a plan or design in concrete still can be converted to a wooden version.
Hamlet specializes in structural design and realization of residential construction in solid timber (CLT). The main emphasis is on multo storey construction, but we also work on projects with ground-level family housing.
For developers and housing corporations who are already well underway with a project in concrete, but would still like to know whether it could be done in wood, we offer a quick scan for a limited fee.
You will then quickly have a well-founded answer to the question of whether it can be done in wood and what possible consequences it will have for the existing design.
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