Sustainable and circular design and construction is not only about the present, but above all about the conviction that we do not want to pass on problematic buildings to the next generation.
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Fast, cost-efficient and circular of course

Our design+build system ensures fast (up to 50% faster), cost-efficient (up to 10% cheaper) and circular (building with wood) realization of the load bearing structure. We use this to build multi-storey housing up to 12 floors. Completely flexible in design, layout and finish and with a very long service life.


The circular principle is not only reflected in the CLT material, but also in the high degree of detachability that is part of our design concept.


Building in CLT is sustainable (0.8 tons of CO2 storage per m³ of material) and prevents the use of cement (responsible for 5% of global CO2 production).


The CLT that we use comes from European sustainably managed forests. In addition to the forest manager's replanting program, Hamlet has its own program. For every m³ CLT used in a project, we plant a tree, preferably in the municipality where the building is erected.

Building in CLT cross laminated timber: Fast, sustainable and circularBuilding in CLT cross laminated timber: Fast, sustainable and circular

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